Raspberry Pi Pinout

AIY Voice Bonnet

The AIY Voice Bonnet comes with the AIY Voice Kit V2 by Google—a do-it-yourself intelligent speaker. The Voice Bonnet connects to your Raspberry Pi to create a natural language processor that can respond to your voice and connect to the Google Assistant.

The bonnet includes hardware to facilitate audio capture and playback, stereo speaker terminals, a headphone jack, an 8-pin button connector, UART breakout pins, and 4 unique GPIO pins called PIN_A, PIN_B, PIN_C, and PIN_D.

Note: If you have the AIY Voice Kit V1, instead see the Voice Hat, which is the full-size HAT version of this board.


  • Hersteller: Google
  • pHAT form-factor
  • EEPROM Hersteller ID
  • 5v und 3v3 Stromversorgung
  • benutzt 9 GPIO Anschlüsse
  • benutzt I2C
  • Mehr Informationen
  • GitHub
AIY Voice Bonnet